How to setup RoLive



Add the RoLive bot to your Discord server by clicking the blue button below or here.



On the Discord website prompt, select the server you want your RoLive bot to be added to under the 'Add To Server' box. Once you selected your server, press 'Continue', then 'Authorize'.*


Configure and Track!

Send the 'r!help' command in a channel that your RoLive bot can access or click here to learn how to configure your RoLive bot, then start tracking your groups and games, 24/7!

Learn more about our plans

* Note that to add the RoLive bot to your Discord server, you need to have the 'Administrator' permission in the selected server.

Connecting Patreon × Discord × RoLive for Pro Subscribers

To take advantage of your RoLive Pro perks, make sure to connect your Discord account to your Patreon account by clicking this link or following the steps below.


Still looking for answers?

Our support team will be here to assist you with any of your suggestions or problems with RoLive. Feel free to send us a message on Twitter!

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